Saturday, March 25, 2017

America wears the Dunce Cap on Health Care

The health care legislation, ACHA, that just failed to pass the house of representatives was not going to help anyone I know obtain better health care. No ONE that I know. I know no one who was pointing at provisions in the act and saying it was good for them with one exception. I have one friend who wants no health care insurance at all. He simply believes he will never need health care - no broken bone, no accident, no need. I hope he's right but bet he's wrong. And I have other friends who would rather follow non-traditional health care methods. There's likely much to respect in their positions. But if they are in an accident - if they are in a public place and suffer some health emergency - I'm hoping responders take the measures needed to save their lives and not ask about their health insurance beliefs. But doing so will come at a cost to someone.
Yes, I still know people who generally and blindly support this administration. But no one I know was talking about this legislation and pointing to provisions that would provide them with better health care.
I also know that the Affordable Care Act, as it stands, falls far short of meeting the health care needs of this nation. A responsible governing body would be focused on meeting the health care needs of this nation. The ACHA was irresponsible and served only the needs of the very rich. It was more disastrous than the claimed disastrous ACA. A responsible governing body would be focused on reforming health care legislation to meet the health care needs of this nation.
But NO, the focus is to FAIL the needs so they can point fingers and place blame. They offer no better solution, cannot rally their own controlling party to create one, and in response to the failure, point to hoped failure of what exists to help meet the health care needs of our people. Failure should not be an option when we are talking about people's lives.
That's like saying the last administration did a terrible job fighting ISIS. We can't get our party to agree on a better plan, so we'll just follow the last plan and let ISIS win. When they win, it's not our fault. We're just following their plan.
America looks like the dunce in the class right now. Look around the world - Australia, UK, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Canada and on and on. They figured out health care. We keep failing and failing. The ACA helps a lot of people but it failed to fix what's wrong with our system. We don't need to reinvent the wheel here. Let's take the dunce cap off and get this done.

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