Monday, August 7, 2017

Creations of the Divine....

We are all creations of and part of the divine - god - the great spirit - whatever name you want to attach. We are all creations and equally connected to that divinity. We were born in it. We were nurtured in it. We grow in it. We are ALL part of it.
If we fail, sin, it is that we loose our awareness of that truth. But our failure, our sin, does not alter that truth. We are all creations of and part of the divine. Our separation is not truth. Our separation is THE lie. It is the lie that causes us pain. It is the lie that causes us to loose our path. It the lie that removes us from understanding that everything we need has been provided. It steals our peace. It robs us of a love of others. Separation is the lie. Connection is the truth.
We are created. We are fully able. We are fully connected and have been from the beginning. Separation is the lie. When we believe that others control our ability to connect with the divine, to have happiness, or can "make us mad", we believe a lie. We are fully able. We are fully able to connect with the divine and be at peace. Our happiness - our salvation - our ability to live in fullness - is granted to us us in our creation. We need only claim it, live it and be in awe of it.
We have been taught many ways of separation that are based in mis-informed understanding about the gifts we have been freely given. From these, we often base our path of disconnection and judgements of others "not worthy" because they have not passed some man made rite of passage.
You are worthy. You have always been able. You are connected. You are equally connected. The person beside you is part of the same divine creation. Your happiness is not dependent upon another person. Your happiness is dependent upon your understanding and the search for divine truth. Start with love.

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