Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Amazingly Predictable

My friend Dennis teases me as he sees me hang up the phone day after day and just shake my head.  He says I'm going to be in a constant head shaking motion after a while.  And I have to love the laughter it brings.
There is an amazing predictability to things that becomes almost hilarious.  Odd dramas play out with this strange thing - like watching a movie and anticipating the next scene.  I guess I am amazed that even the irrational and unreasonable is totally predictable.  It's scripted.  Watch the character's in the movie carefully and it's obvious what they will do next.
So, what happens in the end.  Do irrational and unreasonable characters have the ability to predict?  It would seem, in a right world, that rational and reasonable will prevail.
Meanwhile, we should all laugh as much as possible and be care not to shake our heads permanently.

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