Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sorting through the maze of life dramas

All relationships have some form of drama.  And it's human nature to have some form of emotional reaction to that drama.  That's life.  That's human.
As we face conflicts with our friends, family, co-workers, and partners that emotional reaction is stronger.  We find ourselves "taking sides" - forced to choose one person or the other's version of the drama.  The greater the emotional reaction by any party, the greater the drama.  And the closer to the situation, the greater the emotional reaction.
In my own dramas I'd like you to believe I am always right.  But I am not immune to emotional reaction either.  In these trying times, I most value those people I call my "board of directors".  These are the people who know me pretty well - warts and all.  I trust them to tell me honestly what they see.  And, while it may be quite difficult, I value those who will cut to the chase and say they see some flaws in my thinking.  Or push me to do things that I am not necessarily comfortable doing because it is hard for me.  
If you are truly my friend - on my "board of directors" - don't simply take my side.  Tell me the truth.  Seek truth for yourself.  Be true to yourself.  If truth is our common ground, we will never go wrong.  And, in my mind, best of all, our bond will never be broken. 

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