Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Garden Update

As I watch the garden, I note that while much of the cucumber plant is dying, there are ends continuing to survive and even little cucumbers sprouting.  In fact, they have grown up around the sunflowers and whatever else they can find to climb.  So, I just keep tending and watering them.  Maybe I will have a few freeze pickles yet.  Maybe the lesson is just don't give up.  And I have been reading a lot for planning next year.
My tomatoes plants grew huge.  Much larger than I ever had before and certainly didn't expect.  So, they overshadowed the pepper plants.  And they are not so happy.  But, it looks like I will have lots of tomatoes - probably enough to can some.
I am seeing signs of a full 8 ears of corn - some will be blue from Arizona - don't know which yet.  And my second planting of green beans are now about to produce.  I never plant enough of those.  I eat them raw fast as they grow.  Perhaps that will be my goal next time - plant more!!!
Soon I will have an eggplant and more are promised.  All in all, things are too close together and there are far too many weeds.  It's a pitiful garden but it pleases me to have tried.
It's not a total failure and next year - next year - it will be more productive.
The morale of the story is - do nothing and you will get nothing.  Do something without fully planning and researching and you will get something - but not what could have been.

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