Sunday, June 30, 2013

Love is patient

Back in March, I wrote about Marriage Equality and made some guesses about how the Supreme Court would rule on DOMA and Prop 8.  (March 29 - "The issue of Marriage Equality".  I wasn't far off about the ruling but I am surprised we are not seeing as much immediate right wing backlash as I was expecting.
Maybe it's because the court ruling did not go so far as to say that same sex marriage was a constitutional right.  They ruled on the side of states rights and that the Federal Government cannot discriminate when someone is legally married.
There will be many more court battles ahead.  One that I have not heard discussed is if one state has the right to say someone married in another state is not recognized.  The next is if someone is married in one state but the state they are living does not recognize their marriage, does the federal government recognize the marriage?  Do they file joint taxes?  Do they pay inheritance taxes?  Are they eligible for the many Social Security benefits offered married couples?  Does their employer have to recognize them as married for insurance purposes?
Those against marriage equality will double down on the states.  They will continue to work to overturn marriage equality in states that now have it and they will continue to to try to have more laws passed in the states that don't to triple ensure they will not pass marriage equality legislation. 
A lot of attorneys on both sides of this issue are going to make a lot money.  A lot of legislative time will be spent in states and in the US Congress arguing both sides of this issue.  Many churches are going to continue to be torn and focused on this issue.
In the end, people are going to love who they are going to love.  No amount of fear mongering, Bible banging, legislation or other forms of retaliation are going to change that. 
For centuries the world tried to turn left handed people into right handed people.  It was not acceptable and certainly wasn't considered something that people were born to be.  Now science is proving that being gay is as natural to some as not being gay.  But once a whole lot of rhetoric has been built around a notion, it's a long time changing.
The reason will be ultimately decided in the courts, is that courts are somewhat more geared toward logic and reason.  But even Judges have their own fears to overcome.  So, hang onto your hats folks.  It's going to be a long and interesting ride before we see marriage equality.  But it will come.  It will come because love always wins over fear.  Love is patient.

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