Monday, July 22, 2013

It's about empathy

My last blog post is one of the most viewed blogs I've written so far, even though I added no labels that would typically bring more viewers.  Not quite sure why, but because it was, I feel I need to follow up with some thoughts that may be informative.
When I see a bumper sticker that says "Marriage = one man, one woman", it might as have a subtitle that says "And you gay people cannot have what I have."  I can actually picture the person in my face saying, "Don't you even think for one minute you are equal to me."
I see that because of years of attitude directed at me.  Even someone I have known all my life, as I expressed empathy at her painful divorce, said I could not possibly understand her pain because hers was a marriage.
What if the bumper sticker said "Marriage = one white man and one white woman"  or "Marriage = one black man and one black woman".  Or "Marriage = one protestant man and one protestant woman".  The underlying message of those words would infuriate some people.
It is the underlying message that hurts.
As my friend Janet kindly commented on the last post, it's about common sense.  It's about empathy.

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