Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Who are your heroes?

Who are your heroes?   What qualities do you admire?  Who would you like to be more like?  Who inspires you to be better?
Our chosen heroes tell a lot about us.
I think of the young mother of two who despite illness was a Brownie leader, community volunteer and delivered library books to shut ins.  And the 5th grade teacher who saw and encouraged creativity that lead to the right career.
I think of well known heroes who worked tirelessly for healing, justice and equality - 2000 years ago, 200 years ago, 100 years ago and 50 years ago.
They were all clear in their purpose, their vision and their core values.
When my spirit is shaken, I am reminded to refocus on purpose, vision and values.  I think of the people I have most admired.  What would they be telling me?  What ARE they telling me?
Refocus on purpose, vision and values.
I'm very protective and determined about purpose.  I've learned we need to be very careful what we drink with our eyes, our ears and our spirit.  I won't watch movies that are violent for violence sake.  I won't watch movies focused on cruelty.   I seek reliable sources for news and information and avoid sensationalized stories whether told by the left or the right.  Healing, justice and equality are my favorite subjects and in that order of importance.
I can't imagine any one's mission statement or statement of purpose being "To be as sarcastic, condescending, judgmental and divisive as I can be on a daily basis."  Oddly that seems to gain talk show hosts an audience and that is how they succeed.  But then, what is the vision?  What is the expected outcome in being successful in their mission?  I guess for a talk show host, the answer is that they can make a lot of money.
Would anyone choose this as a personal mission?  "To be as sarcastic, condescending, judgmental and divisive as I can be on a daily basis."  What is the expected outcome - the vision of success?  What core values do you need to have to drive such a mission and vision.  Who are your heroes?  Do they poison or do they heal?

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