Friday, October 16, 2015

Let's get social....

It has been refreshing to see much of the response to the Democratic debate this past week. It was refreshing to see the debate itself. They actually talked about issues and there were few, if any, defamatory comments toward one another.
I love that Bernie Sanders came to Hilary Clinton's defense about the "damn emails". I didn't love it because I'm a Hilary Clinton fan (I'm not), I love it because he speaks my language. Let's talk about the issues that matter and what we want to do about them. He set an example that I wish we could hear as a nation. Let's get focused on what matters. Side shows and hyper boil are destroying our country.
Our government cannot get a thing done because of it. Hatred and dividing lines are causing such a huge quagmire that people can't see the facts of anything through the dust that's constantly kicked up.
Who can we believe to deliver the actual facts about anything?
I see a lot of reaction to fear of what may happen. I see a lot of reaction to what has happened and blame placed on the most hated person of the moment or in line with the media line that's regarded as gospel. There's a lot of talk about government as though it's an alien entity that has no connection to us. There's a lot of horrible talk. There's very little work being done to solve anything.
I see "socialism" thrown around as if we are not part of a social fabric but rather live in some kind of dog eat dog culture. Many of the same people who claim to hate socialism are angry that government isn't giving them something that they perceive is being given to someone else. But they hate socialism! It seems more like a "give me" first sort of mentality.
The hatred that's boiling will kill this country. We have to stop it. WE have to stop feeding that monster. We can disagree but we have to find room to talk. We have to find common ground. We have to find the facts of a matter and work on actual solutions to issues. Yes, it's hard. Yes, we will disagree on the best path to take but we have to find a better way to seek that path. We have to govern. We have to be part of governing. We have to build our government into a reflection of us. I hope that reflection is more like what I saw in the democratic debate. We can differ on our views but we can discuss them. We can be civil to one another. We can find agreement. Let's get there.

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