Friday, April 1, 2016

The World according to Snark...

The world according to snark is a smack down world. It's that place where we use words to set someone straight about something - "tell like it is". Most of us can venture into that world from time to time. Something gets under our skin and we just have to snipe about it. When we do, it lacks information, context or real thought. It's just a sound bite - a snarky way to let our feelings out and get attention.
Is there any time in your life that you were impressed with someone "telling you like it is"? Usually you walk away feeling the person didn't care about you, didn't understand you, or worse that they hadn't a clue about what was going on.  When a person is in smack down mode, there is no interest in listening.
We all can benefit from greater context, a deeper understanding of one another, and a lot more information sharing. The soundbite world of snark isn't going to serve any of us well. Let's dig a little deeper, explain a little more, and listen a lot more. It will be worth the effort as it helps all of us achieve more.

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