Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sustainable Health and Well Being...

Secure, emotionally and physically healthy people don't do intentional damage. They don't plan to rob, deceive, kill or create destruction. They are not focused on violence. Secure, healthy people create things and enjoy life.
Our focus needs to be improving the health and security of all people. We need to feel as protective of the well being of others as we do about the health and security of ourselves and our families. There is no other sustainable approach. We cannot rob, deceive, kill or destroy our way to a healthy and secure world. We can't build big enough fences, subvert enough plans, incarcerate enough people, kill enough bad guys, carry enough guns, create big enough weapons or bomb our way to it.
We have to create sustainable systems that are focused on the health and well being of all people. We have to set that vision square and solid in our minds. That has to be our singular focus. Sustainable health and well being HAS to be our first and foremost objective. Then we measure everything we do against that objective.
Our thoughts, our words and our actions have to always reflect that objective - Sustainable health and well being of ALL. Yes, that is hard. Yes, that requires some real creative thinking. It seems to me, that was the actual intent of this great nation. We keep missing the mark. But the reason so many disenfranchised people want to come here is because they see the hope of it. Let's keep trying to find it. That's what has made and can make America Great.

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