Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Who are these Kardashians?

Lately I've felt uneducated. For quite some time there have been many references to the Kardashians and I did not know who or what they were. Possibly, but not certain, I got my first glimpse today in a story about how our political system has gone haywire. Feeling rather ignorant again, are they people at the center of some kind of "reality show"?
If so, this may be helpful in understanding my complete ignorance and  inability to comprehend the current political cycle. I refuse to watch ANY "reality shows". I have some awareness of them - Survival, Amazing Race, Little People, Hoarders and Apprentice. I've refused to watch them because I know they are an editorialized, sensationalized version of "reality" intended to entertain and amuse. I am not entertained and amused by trumped up conflict. (excuse the pun)
There is better that happens in the world and I would rather watch that. I'd rather watch a 15 minute TED talk about a new invention or a new solution to an old problem than spend a minute watching a "reality" show. I see abhorrent reality play out in my own back yard. I don't like it and won't support it if I can avoid it so why give TV ratings to it?
Do something good instead. Get out. Watch a TED talk. Get off the "reality show" circuit.
But if you know these Kardashian people - tell them someone who knows nothing about them thinks it's a good name for a pair of jeans if they can come up with a comfortable design. It's a catchy name. Maybe they can come up with a reality that is noteworthy.

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