Saturday, March 12, 2016

Destruction of Prudence

The republican race is now "trumped up". It's a new definition of "trumped up" meaning "incite angry people to violence". It didn't start with Trump. It started about 8 years ago when, on the day of Obama's inauguration the party leaders determined that their sole mission was to work against anything the new president tried to do. It did not matter what it was, they would be against it.
In the years that followed, they did little else - fewer bills were passed of any significance than in any legislative body in recent history. They actually shut down the federal government and caused the downgrade of US credit in the world. They simply became the party of NO and NOTHING. I can think of no - ZERO - pieces of republican led legislation that helped solve any significant issue in the last 8 years. There's no more money for veterans, no more infrastructure projects, nothing from Congress directing resolution of immigration concerns, and nothing from Congress directing efforts to battle terrorism. This republican Congress determined to become an anchor rather than govern.
Meanwhile, they focused efforts on escalating anger within their base. They flamed anger directed at democratic leaders - first directed at the President, then at Hillary Clinton. And then they repeated the same things over and over and over again - just because. How many times did they vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act with no plan to "replace" it with anything better? Instead, they should have been working to help those who still needed help. Fix what was broken not repeal what was and is working for 10 million people.
They pushed for more military spending and tax cuts for the wealthiest while pointing to the deficit as cause for alarm and reason to cut social programs.
How many times have they tried to eliminate any funding for Planned Parenthood, supposedly in efforts to eliminate funding for abortion. But no federal money goes to abortion. And do they not know that preventing unwanted pregnancies is the best way to eliminate abortions? Are they not the party that wants government out of our personal lives? I remember why women fought to have control of their own bodies.
The party has become one of no compromise, no plans, and escalated anger against those with differing views. That escalation has been racially charged and now it's beginning to boil over.
Meanwhile, the party has supported and encouraged an increase in firearms. Open carry legislation is popping up in the most republican states to include carrying guns in bars and on college campuses.
Fringe elements - some who actually ran for and hold offices - have talked about armed insurrection.
Actual armed insurrection has been applauded by many party extremists.
Now we're watching a leading republican candidate encouraging violence. "Get him out of here", "Maybe he should be roughed up," "Don't worry about it. If you get arrested, I'll pay your bail." Those are actual words spoken from the podium. In or out of context, they are no better and should not be overlooked or excused.
This is not going to end well. There is no possible positive outcome. NONE.
We're not talking any longer about policy differences. We're witnessing the destruction of civil discourse and governing prudence.

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