Saturday, March 5, 2016

Outrage for the Children...

Children are precious gifts to the world and our greatest hope for the future. We should be unified in our dedication to protecting children from physical or emotional damage, providing for their safety to grow strong and healthy, and inspiring them to create a better world for themselves and the future generation they will touch. There should be nothing - NOTHING - more important than these goals for our children.
These things should be our highest concern and the greatest focus of our lives. We should be outraged and unified in our condemnation of anything that fails to meet the standard of protection for our children, providing for their safety and health, and inspiring them to greater achievement.
We should be unified in our OUTRAGE to learn of yet another decades long systemic protection of Child Rape and Molestation by 50 priests in the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese. Church officials and community officials protected the ABUSERS!

These church scandals have become all too familiar. They reflect a great sickness in our society - power, corruption, predatory behavior and a horrible focus on protecting abusive behavior. It goes far beyond the church and is now pervasive throughout our society. We are becoming a predatory, "survival of the fittest", barbaric country.
I'm shocked that these things were going on for decades and no one tried to stop it. I'm more shocked that there have been no widespread signs of public outrage.
If we continue on this path, the damage to children will create greater barbarism. Indeed, our failure to protect children for decades, our failure to assure the safety of children allowing them to grow strong and healthy, and our failure to inspire them to create a better world for themselves and future generations is the reason for the growing barbarism in many corners of our society.
We know that many children who grow up in fear, grow into fearful adults. We know that many victims of abuse grow up to be predators themselves. When we fail to inspire our children to created a better world for themselves and future generations, there are fewer adults trying to create a better world.
The measure of the strength of our country does not lie in our military or police force. The measure of strength of our country lies in how we care for and nurture our children. Failures of the last generation are seen now. If we want to "Make America Great" again, our focus has to be here. The measure of everything should be the example set for our children and impact of our decisions on their lives.


  1. You have expressed my thoughts in a prefect way, Linda. The collective tragedies of those children are deeply sad and are beyond repulsive. Religious organizations that have participated in these atrocities have no claim whatsoever to any moral authority.