Saturday, December 31, 2016

50% or Less - the political standard

How would you handle learning that a friend told you the truth less than 50% of the time?
What if you placed an order with a company and they provided 50% of what you paid for?
What if your child got 50% on their next test at school?
During this last election cycle, fact checking revealed that the best of those running for office provided accurate information and made accurate statement 50% of the time. The BEST was a mere 50% truthful and accurate. Our next president was well below even that low.
When did we lower our standards so low? At what point in our history did we decide that politicians lie and that's ok? Or is it that our population has simply gotten lazy and we don't even look for truth any longer?
It's really important that we seriously discuss and debate approaches to problems. If we don't even know what the truth is regarding the problems in the first place, we have no hope of achieving rational and reasonable solutions.
If there is one thing we should all agree on, it's that 50% is a terrible standard. No one would accept getting just 50% of the pay they should. No one would accept an employee showing up 50% of the time or doing 50% of the work assigned to them. You can't drive a car with 50% of the parts needed to make it run. A book with 50% of the pages ripped out is not going to make much sense.
Why are we accepting a leadership standard that's 50% accurate or less
If we want a greater nation, we have to set greater standards. We had better start with ourselves and our own ability to get to the facts of matter. We seem to be straying further and further from that. Worse is the indication that a large percentage of our population seems to actually hate truth because it fails to fit the inaccuracies they have embraced. We have to break this cycle fast. It's truth that sets us free. Anything other enslaves and destroys us.

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