Saturday, December 10, 2016

"Lay back and enjoy it"

In 1981 I was living in Spokane, Washington where a series of rapes had remained unsolved for several years. A journalist asked the Police Captain what a woman should do if she was attacked by a rapist. His answer was "lay back and enjoy it."
When someone says "suck it up" shut up and sit back as this new president rapes the county, I feel the same outrage I felt in 1981. This cannot be remotely compared to the election of Barack Obama or anything his administration attempted or actually did.
This next president is setting up a totalitarian regime. And while his followers are lapping up deranged false news stories with full belief they are true, he is expressing desire to control actual journalism. His staffing choices are beyond bizarre and promise to undermine the very departments they are charged to head.
His motives are clearly power and greed. He's quickly lining his pockets and aligning his global business dealings to build an empire for himself. He will undermine democracy and defy the constitution to achieve his goals.
No, we should not "suck it up", shut up and sit back quietly as this new president rapes the country. We need to call it what it is and tell it how it is. This is not a normal and decent person. This is not a normal transfer of power. This is a power grab that is not going to benefit 90% of this country. In fact, it's not even our country any more. Russia just got their puppet and he'll soon be living in what was our White House.

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