Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Russian Hackers?

Did the Russians hack the DNC and/or Republicans with a motive to influence our election?
We know someone was doing some hacking and provided some of their collection to wikileaks. And it appears the CIA has additional information leading them to believe they have, at least some, evidence as to the culprits. Should we take this seriously? Should it be further investigated?
If we focus purely on the implications of this election, it's serious enough to cause concern but there is a much greater concern. How vulnerable is our entire cyber infrastructure to hacking? No matter who the hacker is, Wikileaks, the Russians, or a 400 pound guy in his bed in New Jersey, how vulnerable is our entire cyber infrastructure? What danger does that pose in every realm of our society - corporate, banking, the stock market, health care, small business websites, your personal "smart" devices, etc?
The next round of terrorism may not be using the traditional weapons. In fact, they are probably already developing their hacking skills. We need to get really smart about protecting ourselves from cyber attacks.
Should we be taking hacking of every kind seriously? You Bet! And we had better get to know who and how.

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