Wednesday, February 8, 2017

"Give him a chance" hmmmm?

If you see someone break into your house, are you going to stand aside and give them a chance to take things in, instead of taking things out? If that person said repeatedly that they planned to do damage, would you stand by and see if they really meant it? Of course not!
Many are saying "give him a chance" and doing a lot of name calling targeting those who are saying NO! When a person says what they are going to do, and you oppose what that person says they are going to do, you don't "give them a chance" to do it. You oppose it. You stand against it and you stand loudly against it. No one has to pay you. No one has to prompt you. You Stand!
If someone says they are going to do something you strongly disagree with, and you see them taking action to actually DO the thing you disagree with, you don't "Give them a chance" to get it done. You Stand against it. You act against it. You resist it.
If you believe what the person is doing is wrong, you do something about it. "Giving them a chance" is not an option. Wrong is wrong. You stand. You act. You resist.

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  1. Hmmm. Is that "so called" President that thinks Fredrick Douglas is still alive that we're talkin' bout here? So let me know how the appointing a billionare into office (remember, he didn't win the popular vote) who is appointing billionaire friends into his cabinet is working for 'Merica. The last speech he made in Tampa was, I swear, written by a fifth grader. And a not very bright one at that! Bravo United Kingdom for not allowing him to speak in Parlament. Who would ever think we'd need England to come save us from tyranny of the government? Wake up...this goofball has the ssme resume as the Kardashian/Jenner mess:
    Multimillion dollar business, tabloid star & starred in a reality show. I just can't respect that.