Monday, February 6, 2017

In this my faith lies...Truth

Truth should always be our highest goal. We should always seek to be true and honorable. We should honor truth.
It's not easy. We make mistakes. We are often disappointed as events unfold differently than we envisioned. Most of us would like to re-write the difficult times in our history. But we are most honorable if we can hold truth.
We can have differing opinions concerning how something may play out in the future. But, even there, we can look to history to gain understanding. There are examples of how similar situations have played out in the past. There are truths to be found, if we seek them.
If we are faced with absolute falsehoods which we have believed, we have choices to make. Too often, our mistake is to say "yes, but". When we do that, we have been duped. We have been blinded to seeking truth.
I've been there. I've done that. And every time, I have paid a heavy price for failing to seek truth.
This nation needs to quickly seek truth and honor. We need to fact check everything and call one another on falsehoods. I want you to fact check me. I will fact check you.
We need to honorably hold one another to the highest standards. You and I! And we spread that expectation until it reaches the highest points of our land.
We need to applaud and support every journalist and every friend who does this honorably. We need to support and applaud truth. Narrow your focus to this and it will free you. "The truth will set you free". In this, my faith lies.

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