Monday, August 12, 2013

Divine Providence Prevails Always

I believe the most important part of living a spirit filled or spiritual life is applying your beliefs to every aspect of your life.  Talking the talk is not the same as living a spirit filled life.  We have to walk the walk.
My goal is that wherever you may see me - at a sporting event, singing, at work or tinkering in the basement - I am consistent in my behavior and actions.
I'm constantly striving to ensure my actions in any situation are consistent with my core beliefs.  The standard is simply the Golden Rule.  It's not easy, especially in difficult situations.  There are times when it is very hard to put ourselves in the other person's shoes - especially if they are doing things and saying things we would not.
While some are energized by conflict, my inclination is to try to resolve it as quickly as possible.  I'd much rather walk away from a fight than escalate it.  Especially when it's obvious the other person has no interest in resolution.  I've lived long enough to know that the door to resolution is not closed.
Divine Providence will take care of it in time.
I don't always get it right but I can measure progress in many ways and I won't stop reaching higher.  The greatest gift family and friends can give me, is to help me understand better how to grow.

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