Saturday, August 10, 2013

Small Miracles

Recently I was reminded of a book I read some years ago called "Small Miracles" - a collection of short stories about miracles that happened in people's lives.  They are great uplifting stories about hope.  I like to read those kinds of stories when I'm traveling or feeling a need to lift my spirit.
In the introduction, the author encourages us to seek small miracles.  They are happening every day in our lives but we need to tune our spirit to recognize them and we need to learn that we can attract miracles to our lives by learning to believe.
As an experiment she encourages us to choose something small and simple as our miracle.  It has to be something we can truly believe will happen with no doubt associated with our thought of it.  She said hers was to believe that she would see pennies wherever she went.  She made that her miracle belief - stated it - and didn't give it another thought.  UNTIL - She started seeing pennies everywhere she went.
So I thought about it and decided that pennies were too common.  I would see dimes - heads up - everywhere.  Sure enough I was seeing dimes -heads up - everywhere I went.  I hadn't thought about that book and the dime experiment in years.  But I have been thinking about miracles lately - small and large.  Suddenly I was reminded that they can and will happen.
I jumped in the shower one morning last week.  I heard a ping hitting the tub floor.  After getting the soap out of my eyes, I discovered the ping was a dime IN THE TUB that had fallen from SOMEWHERE.  Heads up by the way.  Once I got over the "Where did that come from?" reaction, I remembered my small miracles experiment years ago.   And I knew this was a slightly bigger miracle to remind me that miracles do happen if we just believe.
Once again, when I am walking about, suddenly a dime - heads up - appears in my path.  I love the reminder that even bigger miracles are in my path.  I do believe.

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