Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Something greater

There are so many ways we separate ourselves from one another.  We have a tribal instinct that carries from the stone age.  Perhaps that is the true core of "sin" - the need for segregation and separation.  Segregation and separation is the antithesis of God - the Great Spirit - the universal "I AM".   No matter how hard we try, we are not separate and cannot live harmoniously in segregation.
The very air we breath each day has been shared with millions of humans, plants and animals for millions of years.  Every action we take, every word we speak, every thought or prayer creates something that will carry just as a feather is carried in the wind. 
As much as you may hang onto the pain of a transgression, the next person may as well.  And so it grows.  The tribal instinct will drive the calling.  Gather in those who are likewise minded in hanging on to cause for separation and segregation.  This is the source of wars of nations.  It begins in a tiny spark and grows into a raging fire.
If we want to change the course of the world, it has to begin with our own actions, our own words, our own thoughts and prayers.  We truly need to become the change we want to see.  We have to do unto others what we would have others do unto us.
It's much harder to put out a forest fire than it is to put out a candle.  But the forest fire started with one spark - a tiny flame.  Be the spark that lights a fire to warm and not destroy.  Use your hands to heal not strike.  Use your words to sooth not stain.  Use your thoughts and prayers to gain understanding not grow pain.
We are all part of something greater and we are all called to something greater.  The more we seek to be one with that greater force and see that we are one, in that need to connect with that greater force, the more we will find harmony and peace.  Focusing on anything other is "sin".

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