Monday, August 11, 2014

A Very Good Place..A Very Good Time

Days pass so quickly. It seems we are always wishing for a day to never end or wishing for a day to come. In a blink, the day we are in is gone.
More often than not lately I've been thinking about how fondly I will remember these days. It won't be the things or events as much as the sharing of those things and events - the people in these moments of time. It's about sharing thoughts, dreams, and joys. The dreams and joys will grow larger and whatever concerns we face will grow smaller.
At the end of each day, as I close my eyes to sleep, I count the moments that mattered in the day. Sometimes it's a funny comment or kind gesture from someone. Sometimes it's the faces of the people I treasure. It may be a milestone or an accomplishment big or small.
Quite often I am reminded of the words of a friend when we were in a far away place with customs quite foreign. "We could have been born here," he said. I could have been born anywhere. How different life could have been. So many things could have been different. But I am here and here has turned out to be a very good place to be at a very good time to be right here.

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