Friday, August 22, 2014

ID Laws

Here is how the new ID laws in Florida play out. It's supposedly intended to protect us from terrorists and the non-existent fraudulent voter problem. But the reality is that it creates a lot of unnecessary stress and costs people money.
Below is a description of the ID requirement for renewal of a driver license.
So, a 79 year old woman from Pennsylvania goes to the Florida DMV to renew the license she has had in Florida for a decade. She has her birth certificate, her social security card and her expiring license.
Issue #1 - her birth certificate bears her maiden name. She needs a marriage certificate to explain the name change. But she has been married twice. Now she has to prove two name changes. She must provide both marriage certificates and a divorce or death certificate to explain the end of the first marriage. She has to call a registrar office in one county and a registrar office in another county along with a call to the prothonitary office. Each document costs $10. Cannot be faxed or emailed because they must bear the county seal.
Issue #2 - Her birth certificate is from the hospital and does not have a stamp. Another call. Another $10.
Already the renewal fee is rather high at $48 but turned into $88 to protect us from the potential 79 year old female terrorist or voter impersonator.


  1. Thank a Republican. They are only protecting us. This woman sounds very threatening. I know, it just isnt' funny.

  2. Hooray for government services. Making things as easy as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. $5 Billion (according to spent on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) for 313.9 Million US citizens. I think the money is going into the wrong hands.