Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What Color is Your Spirit?

Somehow spirit, spiritual and religion have gotten all jumble up and twisted into knots. Sometimes religion and spirit or spiritual seem to be at opposing ends of the spectrum.
Generally when we talk about someone "getting in the spirit" it's about connection, joy, unity and enthusiasm. We have team spirit when we cheer for our side. We get in the spirit of holiday gatherings when we happily celebrate together. Being "in the spirit" is an uplifting experience and a shared experience.
Shouldn't our spiritual experience be about connection, joy, unity and much greater than enthusiasm - pure awe? Is it not about our deepest spirit? Shouldn't our spiritual journey be about creating a healthy space within that is able to connect to all that is - including the all encompassing spirit that surrounds us all?

We all have a particular spirit about us. It's what people feel when they are near us. If you have ever spent time around native people of North America, you may notice that they seem to stare - perhaps not directly but a long stare in your direction - especially if they do not know you. They are looking for your spirit - tuning into to the deeper you.
It's said of some that they light up a room when they walk in. Others have a commanding presence. Some can bring calm into any situation. It's their spirit. They tap into an inner strength that emanates out into the room. Meanwhile, others are like wall flowers remaining nearly invisible.
What color would you associate with each of these examples of spirit?
What color is your spirit?
When a person is said to "light up a room" are they yellow or white? Is the commanding person more orange or even red? Is the calm person more blue? Is the wall flower simply a very dim color we cannot see? What color is a mean spirited person? What color is God? What color is religion? Is all religion the same color?
Imagine the spiritual color of those at work, in your family, in your community. Are they bright as the sun or dimly shaded? What color is your spirit?
A spiritual truth will shine bright and clear for all and it will bring brightness to all. Some religions don't teach that but rather encourage separation and a belief that light can be split so one person has light and the next has darkness. That is just darkness and damages the spirit of those believing it as much as those they believe it impacts those who must endure darkness. Doesn't the sun shine the same for us all? When we practice that kind of thinking, we feel it in our spirit as a burden. We display it in what we do and say. Those things we do and say shed darkness.
What color are the words you say? What color are the beliefs you hold? Are they bright for you and dark for someone else?
What color is your spirit? What color are the words, beliefs and actions you feed your spirit? What color is God?


  1. Interesting to think about. I'd like to think my spirit changes color with my emotions. I've been told, when I had a reading 10 years ago, that my aura is pastel shades. That would suit my laid back personality, I guess. As for God, she would be a color that humans can't perceive, much like ulra violet waves and ultra sound . That's why humans are so consistently confused and clueless by everything pertaining to God. The whole concept is too much for our tiny brains.

  2. Great thought, Linda. I work with a person's chakra system in healings and they are all about color. When they are dark it means there are blockages preventing your energy our chi to flow as it should. When they are bright and light , your energy is flowing as it should. Loved this blog. Thanks!