Friday, August 1, 2014

Behind the Curtain

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."
Remember when Toto revealed the Wizard of Oz and everyone could see he was just an old man with a big electronic toy box?
He was actually a very nice old man so why did he want to create an imposing persona?
A person's persona can grow from a perceived power or authority and a love of that position or title. We've all seen the police officer with the huge swagger who fondles his gun holster or nightstick constantly. Then there's the "Reverend" who prefers to always be addressed by his title and never his actual name.
We all have a bit of a need for recognition of some kind. Some more than others. It becomes a persona when we want everyone to view us through the filter of some crowning achievement. That crowning can become a persona that is a curtain through which no one should see the real person. When the real person does not match the persona, it's a problem.
The examples above are extreme but there can be much less obvious ones. It can be anything that we become "big headed" about. It could be a desire to be known as the expert of all experts on a subject. A persona can be attached to owning the biggest, grandest house or a particular business or being rich. It can even be attached to being a victim. If it becomes the filter through which all should view, there is an imbalance.
Crowning achievements can fade away or suddenly be stripped away. Who is left behind the curtain?

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