Wednesday, March 25, 2015

For Dad

If you have seen the movie, The Big Fish, you will understand what set my mind in motion as I picture my Dad asking "How's it gonna happen?"

Well Dad, when the time comes a fire truck will be waiting and we'll help you climb on. It will rush away, with lights flashing and siren blowing, as fast as any ride you ever made. It'll head for the river and as it pulls up to the shore everyone will be there to cheer you on. Up and down the hillside - all your family - children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, friends from all over, family representing every fire call you ever answered... And standing in a straight line along the shore in both directions will be firefighters in uniform who came from near and far.
As the truck swings into place, several firefighters quickly carry you to the edge of the dock and just then, a boat appears with a water skier - It's MIKE -  slalom - cutting a fine spray. He swoops at the dock and picks you up with one arm just as the boat makes a grand turn and you both follow leaning hard. A wall of water nearly a story and half tall trails behind you catching the sun and showering rainbows with flashes of images of all the best times of your life - camping trips, places explored, cars, snow skiing and water skiing... Beautiful birds of all kinds - all the ones you have carved - form a fly over to rival any military formation ever flown.
As you swing toward the other side of the river, and the wall of water falls away, we can see them cheering you from the other side.... Your brothers and sisters, parents, aunts and uncles, mommy, old friends... They are all there as you gently fall into waiting arms. You are instantly healed. As you fade from our view, we see you as full of life as we all have known you. You are free. You are loved.

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  1. Well I haven't seen The Big Fish, but I certainly intend to after reading this beautiful tribute. Your father obviously has led a meaningful life and has touched many people who love him dearly. You honor him with your loving words, a timeless gift.