Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I believe

I believe.
I believe big.
I believe more.
I believe in more.

Often I have challenged mainstream religious belief. And often friends have expressed fear that I am a non-believer. The opposite is true. I believe in more than mainstream religion teaches. I believe with all my heart and soul that there is so very much more.
I see it. I feel it. I want to shout about it. There is more! There is so much more!! And it is more beautiful and more fulfilling and more joyful!!! I want to scream "Be free... Fear not"!!!!
We are not separate. We are separate from god. We are not separate from heaven. We are all one. We don't need to earn it or achieve it. It's not here for one but not another. It is all freely given and right here, right now. To be reborn, we just need to see that.
We need to open our eyes. We need to embrace what is in front of us. We need to love what is here. We need to LOVE. We need to be at peace. In that moment when someone in front of us is not at peace, we need to be at peace. We need to believe. We need to believe big. We need to believe more. We need to believe in more. We need to keep our hearts and souls firmly grounded in peace and love.
In all situations imagine a see-saw. Your mission is to keep the balance. That might mean standing right at the mid point and it might mean walking a little one way or the other. Everything is meant to be in balance. Don't run too fast one way or the other. It takes finesse and you are not the only one. We are all connected. Be grounded in peace and love.
We must stop thinking of ourselves as disconnected in any way from anyone or anything. That includes god, the past and eternity.
And yes I use god in small letters for a reason. There is more. It is big. I believe. 

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