Sunday, March 1, 2015

Catch a bird with salt

When I was just beyond a toddler, Dad said if I could put salt on a bird's tail, I could catch it. So, off to the yard with salt shaker in hand, the bird chase was on. Are you surprised that I never caught a bird?
What he told me wasn't a lie. Certainly, if I could get close enough to put salt on its tail, I could indeed catch it. There were just a lot more things I needed to understand about the possibilities of getting the salt on the birds tail. Once I understood, chasing birds with a salt shaker would never happen again.
As I have learned about how religions came about, the history of religious texts, and the development of dogmatic beliefs, it seems to me like trying to catch God by believing putting salt on his tail will do the trick. There's just a whole lot more to be understood and much is overshadowed in concentrating on the salt shaker.

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