Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Quote On...

What do you quote?
Many people quote sources that seem to hold great credibility and meaning to them, but beneath the surface, there is little credibility and meaning. Perhaps they are simply passages to which one hopes to aspire. But they are presented as mantras - examples that others should hold in high esteem. They are presented as if the person quoting has somehow mastered a thing and must pass the message on. Those reading should somehow bow to the mastery and acknowledge it.
But the words are no more meaningful or substantive than air. The words lack the power of action. The words lack the power of anything beyond the moment in which they are quoted. Once they are exposed to the elements of reality, they float away, dissipated by the elements.
Action is the realization of spirit. Spirit creates energy that is much greater than words. Words may start the spirit in motion but it is motion that reveals Spirit.
Quote all you want. But if those quoted words do not resonate deep within and raise the spirit to action, they are meaningless.

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