Monday, August 15, 2016

In front of ME....

I can identify with and confess to feeling the need for retribution - even retaliation - for perceived wrongdoing. But in my soul, spiritually, I know that is a weakness. Without a doubt, retaliation and retribution are destructive forces that never lead to long term good. Jesus and Buddha taught about this very issue and quite likely every other religious leader did as well.
Often we mortals believe that we know and can identify evil in others. But others know we do not see the evil in ourselves. We cannot see the full context of the other person but we use our full context to excuse ourselves.
We have to learn to trust to universal power - the ultimate power - to take care of others. We have to take responsibility for and change the evil within ourselves. We need to stop assuming that we fully understand what we cannot understand and will never understand. Our foremost and ultimate responsibility lies right in front of us - ME.
Is this impacting ME where I stand? Can I help this person in front of ME? What will the long term consequences be for me - for them - for these people - in front of ME?
If we - if you - if I - can do that - WE can change the tide. It's right in front of us.

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