Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What's ruling you?

What's ruling you?
Fear, anger and resentment are spirit killers. They make our spirit sick and weak. And yet, the magnetism of fear and anger appear to generate energy within us. They can come with an adrenaline rush that seems to be an energizer - motivating us to do something. "Wake up", "Rise up", "Get mad"..... The Waking is focused toward a path of destruction. The rising is one of destruction. The train is on a path of derailment. The derailment is resentment.
Fear and anger are motivators for destruction. When others will not share our fear and our anger, resentment grows. Fear and anger are destroyers. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing but resentment can grow where fear and anger fester.
If you are a spiritual person from any perspective, protect your spirit from fear and anger. These things will always derail you from creating what you truly desire. Is there anyone who would say they truly wish to be fearful and angry? Then why give fear and anger any of your time? Turn away from it. Put your energy toward creating what you DO want. You are the creative force in your life. You have the potential to connect to and with the creative force that always was and always will be.
"Fear not" (someone once said).

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