Monday, August 29, 2016

Love Prevails. Always!

As we think about people we know, love and respect - people we want to be around - people who leave us feeling good about ourselves and the world - there is an energy about them. Some would call that the person's aura or their presence. There is a vibe that resonates from them to us. We feel their energy. We can all think of individuals we keep a distance from because of their energy and those who draw us closer because of theirs. Most of us wish to be closer to those who give us hope, who express love and appreciation, and lift us up in some way.
As we join together in family, as friends, as community, the collective energy has it's own vibe. It has it's own resonance; a collective cultural norm. Individuals within that collective - friends, family or group - influence the whole in some way.  Stronger personalities can shift the whole in one direction or another. The overall resonance of the group depends upon the spectrum and influence of the most positive or most negative in the group. It will change drastically when the most positive or the most negative person no longer influences the group.
Collectives of people develop a cultural norm - an energy - a resonance. It's true on the family level. It's true in the club. It's true in the church. It's true in the town. It's true in the city. It's true in the nation. Everyone wants hope. Everyone wants to know love and respect. Everyone wants to be lifted up in some way. We need to be collectively pulling in that direction.
We need to set our goals - our collective goals - higher. We need to understand that collectively we can only be as good as our lowest common denominator. That will require an entirely different tone and energy. We need to be determined to lift one another up. We need to look the negative forces in the eye and simply say "this is not where we are going". We cannot cut them off. We have to help them find a way to follow. If our focus is love, respect and hope, they will. Love always prevails. Always!

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