Saturday, August 13, 2016

It's time to create.

It's not alway easy being a dreamer and idealist. There always seems to be something more, something bigger, a more perfect something, that is "out there" somewhere. Deep within lies an itch to find whatever it might be.
In early years, that sense of something more and more perfect, left me feeling like I was actually from some other planet and was somehow misplaced. It seemed I didn't belong where I was while others seemed to be quite comfortable with their place and their surroundings. And while I've discovered that there are many who feel displaced, I'm often reminded that I may indeed be from another planet.
But what I have learned is that, wherever my desire for a perfect place may have derived, my option is not to wonder endlessly seeking but to be constantly creating that dream and that ideal in every way I can. It's not up to anyone else.
It's not our mission to fight against what exists and makes us uncomfortable. Our mission - everyone's mission - is to create something better. The most perfect creations are those that do no harm, that lift everyone to a greater place, and change the course toward something better. Those efforts are free of fear. Those efforts are based in love and compassion.
This day, I recognize where I do not belong. I can swim there against the tide, or I can create something better. I choose to create. I see something else. In that place, my space, the dream and the ideal are mine. There I can create something more. It can be small or it can be big. No fear. It's time to create.

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