Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A personal political objective

Often I've pondered the notion of not mixing religion, politics and personal with public and business. Gnawing at the back of my mind is Gloria Steinem's statement, "the personal is political". Those four words are so very profound.
Religion, politics, business and personal are so very intertwined because behind them all are people. There is a very real and personal connection to every religious, political and business decision because there is a person behind and opposed to every religious, political and business decision. While it may seem plausible to separate them into nice, neat categories, it is not possible. There will always be quite personal effects and quite personal connections. If we fail to recognize that we fail them all - Religion, politics, business and personal.
The answer is not to keep them separate. The answer is to align them all. We cannot love the world and pray for peace on Sunday morning and vote for war on Monday. We can't personally believe in exclusion and promote our business as inclusive. We have to align our inner selves with our public selves. If we don't, we are only fooling ourselves. People know. They may not be able to put a finger on the problem, but they can smell a fraud. Sadly, we have been led to believe that we should maintain this "separation". That's a fraud.
If we have our religion, politics, business and personal lives headed in the right direction, there is no need for separation. If they all align around love, kindness, compassion and truth, there will be no need for separation. Speak truth in the spirit of love, kindness and compassion and you will prosper. It's personal. It's political. It's your business. AND it's very spiritual. Be spiritual in all you do. Oddly, you will be politically correct and spiritually correct at the same time.
That's my personal political objective.

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