Sunday, October 2, 2016

If we offend and dismiss others...

Every minute, every day - we have a choice. Each time we decide to share something, to do something, to ignore something, to act on something - we create an energy that carries forward. Those choices matter. Those decisions make a difference.
Those choices, those decisions, and those actions becomes seeds and they grow in the same manner of energy in which we plant them. Those seeds are our Karma. They color us. They cloud us. That color or cloud becomes a collector of the same type of energy. We reap what we sew.
If we offend others, we will likewise be offended. If we dismiss others, we will likewise be dismissed. If we are outraged and angered, we will likewise be the recipients of outrage and anger. This is the law. It is the law of God. It is the law of attraction. It is quantum physics.
It is extraordinarily simple but extraordinarily complex in discipline. For my own practice I'm trying very hard to focus on the rule "do unto others"... As I find myself critical of someone else, I think of what they could say to me. As I find myself wanting to question another person's judgement, I think about how they may question mine.
Then I focus on my garden -planting my seeds - creating the karma, the color, the cloud I most desire surrounding me. I think of the law. I plan the energy and the harvest that is most desired. I will support those most likely to share the same energy and seek similar results.

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