Sunday, October 16, 2016

The importance of roots....

At the end of the day - after the election - one candidate will win and one will lose. Think about the people you know on either side of the equation. Not the candidates - the people you actually know. Think about the family member you've known and with whom you share decades of memories. Think about the neighbor - the business owner - the fellow members of clubs and organizations or the ones you wish would do more and contribute more to the causes you support. These are the people you will see on the street after the election. These are the people who can help you. These are the people who could support your causes.
The person you are fervently supporting probably doesn't even know your name. When your child is sick or your dog is lost, they won't be praying for their safety. When your fundraising campaign is underway, they won't know or care. They don't care about the milestones in your life. They don't know or care that your child or grand child took their first steps or just got married. They don't know or care that you just had a difficult health care crisis. They didn't know your aunt or uncle or grand parents. They don't know or care that your basement is flooded.
Yes, elections matter but what matters more are relationships. Relationships are precious and deserve respectful tending. We need to respect and care for one another. We need to understand the value of that respect and careful tending. When we elevate our hero worship above our respect and careful tending of those relationships closest to us, we are destroying something very precious. There is a reason trees grow roots. The roots ground the tree and provide the needed nutrients to sustain and grow. Don't loose your connection to roots! Cut your roots and your tree grows weaker.

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  1. Well spoken. Makes me think of the Scripture: "I am the vine and ye are the branches.....No branch can bear fruit by itself;It must remain in the vine." Love you! Mom