Monday, October 24, 2016

How can I make a difference....

We don't know what impact we can have or have had in the world. But we certainly can and we certainly have.
There's a story of gratitude I continue to carry that I have never been able to deliver to a person who, in a few short hours, changed the course of my life. I'm told he's still around somewhere. Locally, when I say his name as I retell the story, faces light up with recognition. I know little about him except that he was a radio personality in our area in the late 70's who took time with a young woman who hoped for a job at WFRA. He had no immediate openings but was willing to teach me to read news if I'd come down to the station on my own time to learn. He said a news position was the most likely opening to come up. And so, I showed up a few Saturdays.
He gave me news wire copy to read and record while he was doing his show. We'd listen to it. He gave me tips and told me about how he started his career in the Army in Armed Forces Radio and Television. He probably doesn't remember me. It was a few hours - a few Saturdays. I never worked for WFRA.
Instead, I joined the Air Force. I had to audition for Armed Forces Radio and Television. The audition was reading newscast. I read it just the way Denny taught me and it launched my career. That was 1978. I hope someday I can thank him personally.
You don't know what a few hours, a shared story, and a little effort might do. Just do it. And if you are the recipient, tell the story. Hold that gratitude close to your heart. Let it be part of you. Send them your well wishes and pay it forward. That's how we make a difference just like they did.

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