Friday, May 8, 2009

A great company - a great community

What makes a great work environment?  It's the same things that make a great community.  
I'm so very fortunate to work for a corporation that has a positive culture and that culture starts at the top.  This morning I videotaped the employee message with the corporate president.  I wish every employee had the opportunity to meet our top executives.  They are real people who make tough decisions.  Some of them I have known many years and feel strongly that they sincerely care about the individuals affected by their decisions.
What makes a great work environment?  What makes a great community?
1)  Accountability and responsibility.  Our decision makers at all levels truly care about the effects of their decisions.   Seeing that, drives us to be more accountable and responsible.
2)  Empowerment - People count.  Believe in their skills and ability to contribute.  When they get it right, tell them!  
3)  Set the bar high by example and create realistic goals.  We all love a challenge.  Especially if we know that meeting those goals will be recognized.
4)  Keep lines of communication open at all levels.
I've been with this company 14 years now and have seen a lot of changes.  It's more fun than ever.  The last two days were especially energizing as I had the opportunity to visit with co-workers in Milwaukee that I don't see nearly enough.  The ones I have known for years seem to share my feeling of renewed energy and enthusiasm.  And I had time to get to know new people who are very excited about their jobs and the company culture.  It's uplifting to share good energy.  That's what makes a great company.  That's what makes a great community.

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