Monday, May 4, 2009

Thankful for nice neighbors

We can sometimes become focused on the changes we'd like to see in the world.  And, while that's important, it may be even more important to seek those things to be thankful about.  I am thankful for nice neighbors.  
Living in town was an adjustment for me when I bought this house 9 years ago.  I had spent the previous 12 years living in a farmhouse with 200 acres behind it.  But the house sat close enough to a busy road that the windows sometimes rattled when semi's passed.  
The first month or so in town I would sit up late at night amazed at how quiet it is here.   
I was nervous about having just the width of a driveway between the houses.  And I suppose if you had the wrong neighbor, that would be a problem.  But not here.  I am thankful for nice neighbors.  They are respectful but friendly.  
I've been largely gone from the neighborhood for several years.  They have verbally welcomed me back.  Spring has us all talking plants and gardens. 
Last week I came home to find my front lawn mowed.  When I discovered the kind soul to say thanks, they said "Thank you, we used the clippings as compost for the garden."  
They inspire me to be a better neighbor.  They inspire me to stop and chat a bit and not succumb to my tendency to be too reserved and standoffish.   And I'm inspired to see the work they are doing to make their yards a little prettier.   This summer, take the time to wave and chat with your nice neighbors.  I'll be reminding myself to do the same.

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