Sunday, May 3, 2009

Be heard - be ready to listen!

I watched "For the Bible Tells Me So" this weekend.   I cried for the pain and shame I felt growing up in a "literalist" environment in Venango County.  My church was East Grove United Methodist, the home of those who now run WAWN radio and hugely support the anti-gay message here.
I wanted to rescind my membership in that church when the United Methodists rejected a Lesbian minister in the late 70's.  I was gone by then and I did not speak out.  I should have.  And I am prompted now to see if my name is still on the membership role.  
It's difficult.  I know there are good people who go to that church.  I see some of them from time to time.  They seem polite, even pleased to see me.  I wonder if they see - recognize the huge elephant in the room that I see.  
Tonight my sister reminded me that I have never been a particularly aggressive woman with respect to feminism or lesbianism.  But I have always been firm and always fought my own small battles.  I have not been one to wave a flag or create huge waves.  But I will stand firm.  Maybe I should have been waving a flag.  Maybe I should have created waves.  And maybe the place to start is with those who have known me longest.  
I want to talk with those "brothers and sisters" at East Grove United Methodist church.  I want to tell them what has happened to me.  I want to talk to my family and friends who have known me longest.  They need to know.  They need to know that the Bible told me something very different than it told most of them.  They need to know there is a much bigger world and a much bigger God.  I want them to know the Bible told me so.

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