Friday, May 15, 2009

Summoned for Jury Duty

I have been summoned.  A surprise little packet with a survey and date to show up.  Believe it or not - at my age (which I won't tell you), I have never been called.
A few friends reacted with groans when I told them.  Most of them didn't actually get selected when they were summoned.   My brother said to take a book because you'll likely sit around waiting a lot.
I recall a neighbor long ago who served on the jury of a murder case.  He said it wasn't too fun, especially some of the graphic photos that still haunted him.  I don't suppose the court would let me close my eyes for something like that.  I tend to look away or leave the room when there's violence on TV.
One young friend surprised me when I mentioned it.  "That's a badge of honor," He said.  "It means you've never been in serious trouble."
I guess I'll hang onto that thought as the day approaches.
This seems to be my time to learn about our justice system.   Up until recently I had never even entered a court room.  So far I haven't met anyone like the lawyers on Boston Legal or Law and Order.  The system appears to be much more complicated and strange than it is in those 60 minutes.  With this brief introduction, I cannot imagine how the attorney's, judges, and police keep all the rules of it straight.  Making odd associations as I do, it reminds me of our financial system.   So complicated that the actual substance of things can easily get lost.  But then, this is all new to me.     

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