Saturday, May 9, 2009

How Big is Your World?

As the days spin and we focus on the tedious issues - paying bills - tending to survival issues - the things right in front of our faces - our world's can become very small.  My beliefs - my issues - my missions - my, my, my.....
There's a whole world out there.  
I find myself drawn to people who trek outside of their "safe zone" to learn what is happening around them.  Are you seeking that unknown?  
It's not easy.  But it is very rewarding.  Walk out of you house and across the street.   Walk out of your business and visit next door.  Get in your car and talk - really talk - to someone new.  Don't do it expecting something.  Do it with an open heart and mind.  Just be in the moment.   
I wound up seeing new plants today.  I saw and held baby ducks today.  Sadly, I must admit, I was fussing in my mind about worries at home.  But I held the baby duck.  I learned about new plants without expecting to learn.  All because I actually wandered a bit from my normal behavior.   
The night before last, I got to know several artists.  They shared a fun solution to a problem I have wondered about.  They shared good energy about projects at hand for them.  
None of these things would have happened if I had stayed in my comfort zone.  I am shy, quiet, and reserved by nature.  It's taken me a long time to learn to GO and to learn to BE in the moment at hand.  And I am still learning.  But I know - above all - I LOVE a bigger world.  It is beautiful and holds wonderful surprises when we are open to it.

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