Thursday, April 30, 2009

How to stay positive

Some days it seems as though the whole world is stressed out.  Between myself and immediate friends there are crazy ex's, issues with aging parents, struggles with finances, and dealing with the harshest of all realities - death.
None of these issues are new or unique.  So, how do we cope?
Here are the things I'm holding onto.  I'd be happy to have you share your list.
1)  When negative thoughts or general dismay sneak in, I start thinking, writing and saying what I am thankful for in my life.  I do it when I wake in the night, when I first wake and as often as I can all day long.  It's making a difference.
2)  Slow down.  I'm not good at saying no and am often a people pleaser to my own detriment.  I'm trying to say what I really want to say - nicely, gently giving myself needed space.  This one is hard if people are used to you always doing what they want.  
3) Smile and joke with strangers.  One of the most healing things that can happen when we are stressed is for someone to make us laugh.  Sometimes it's easier to joke with a stranger because they aren't expecting it, and our friends are often caught up in our drama or we are caught up in theirs.  You won't likely ever know, but you just might turn someone else's day more positive.
4)  Call someone you haven't talked with in a while and make a point NOT to talk about troubles.  
5)  Go see some art or hear some live music and be openly appreciative.  It feels good.
6)  Create something yourself - in reality or just in your own imagination.  Some people tell me they love housework because they can do it while escaping in their minds.  (I haven't mastered this yet - perhaps because housework doesn't come easy to me.  Perhaps an add issue because I have to really concentrate to stay on task.  But it works when I'm mowing.)

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