Sunday, April 5, 2009

Underground Movement

I called this blog "Into the mountain and under the mountain".  May I add "Over the mountain"?  I watched a documentary last night - "The Secret".  Several people had recommended it in the last year.  If you are philosophical or spiritual at all, you should watch it.  You can find information about it at  
It seems to me that it brings together threads of all the spiritual teachings, the motivational speakers, the abundance preachers....  It is about the power of thought and intent - the laws of attraction.  It reminded me to walk in the power I have known to be true but all too often drift away from.
Some years ago, I read a book "Small Miracles".  It is a series of stories about miracles in people's lives and how they brought them into their lives.  I recall the author saying she had tested it by repeatedly thinking she would find pennies.  And she did.  After reading that, I decided to take it up a step.  I would see dimes.  And I did!  I was finding them everywhere - on the ground, under my bed, in my pocket.  I wasn't finding pennies or nickels or quarters.  It went on for weeks and was quite fun.  Now, the question is - why did I stop there?  Soon, I quit thinking about dimes and went right back to my normal way of thinking.  
I believe there is a power much greater than any of us truly realizes.  Call it God, the Great Spirit, the law of nature, whatever.   We call that power to us when we use the gift between our ears.  And our ability to call upon that power depends upon our ability to align ourselves with the source of that power.  Some understand it as good versus evil.  But I believe it is order and harmony versus disorder and kaos - feeling good - gaining energy - or draining energy.
Every successful underground movement has built upon good energy - gained energy - gained momentum - built something.  That is the secret.  Fighting against something does nothing more than drain our energy and often energize the thing we are fighting against.  

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