Saturday, April 11, 2009

Getting out and about

I started this blog with a story about a trip for work and what it's like to be in underground mines.  There's a whole different world underground.  A different communication system - both technical and as simple as nodding your head so your caplight catches the attention of moving equipment.  And you don't look people in the eye when talking with them because it shines the light right in their eyes.  You need to know the different signage - emergency systems - escapeways - rope systems.   A mine may have hundreds of people working in entries that spread for miles.  A salt mine near Cleveland goes under lake Erie.  I haven't been in that mine and would try not to think about that aspect if I did.
I don't mind working underground but I couldn't do it every day.  I wonder if miners have the same feeling I do at the end of the day.  A sweet sense of being more alive when I see the daylight. 
I thought of that feeling today after visiting the Artist Studios at the Transit building in Oil City.  Art gives me that feeling.  Music gives me that feeling.  Time listening to a respected friend gives me that feeling.  Being part of a larger community gives me that feeling.  A sweet sense of being more alive.

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