Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tell Your Story

No one knows what it's like to be you.  Tell your story.  If you have suffered some form of pain and injustice, the only way it can change is through positive and effective communication.  Let it be known.  You can tell your story so many ways - through song, through art, through humor, through words.  Talk to anyone who will listen.  And be willing to listen.
Silence is a prison.  Those who abuse nearly always wish to silence their victims.  They do it through fear.  The fear is created by half truths, absolute lies and intimidation.
Consider our understanding of abusive relationships.  Abused children are afraid to speak up because of threats of retaliation.  Abusers lead their abused to believe that "they made them do it".   And often the abuser, once uncovered, tries to convey that they are the victims.   
Today, children are told to speak up if they feel they are abused.  To tell a responsible adult and keep telling until they find help.
The KKK cried victim if Blacks were to be considered equal.  They expressed huge fears of terrible things and made outrageous claims as reasons for bigotry.  Fears based on lies.  And much of it surrounding God and what God supposed wanted.  The KKK lost power when silence ended.  
Our society has been abusing and victimizing GLBT people for years through fear.  Much of it surrounding God and what God supposed wants.  The rest based on outrageous claims of terrible outcomes if GLBT people are accepted citizens in society.  This will stop when silence ends.  Tell your story.

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