Tuesday, April 21, 2009

NAB Conference notes

It's been an amazing four days at NAB.  
I always focus on the Post Production World Conference which is jam packed full of great training with some of the best speakers in the industry.  Normally I try to attend far too many workshops on far too many topics to remember.  This time I set some specific objectives.  
First, obtain Final Cut Level 1 certification.  I took both level 1 and advanced courses here last years as a new user.  Missed level one certification by 2 points.  Taking the level 1 class again this year was a bit of surprise since I've been using Final Cut all year now.  How very much I had forgotten!  
I'm very fortunate to work for a boss and a company that believes in the value of training.  And I can quickly say they will get their money's worth.  I return with a handful of new editing shortcuts that will add great value.  This is what we are all seeking.  Look better and be more productive.
Another objective built on the desire to improve workflow processes.  Sessions addressed that along with a scan of the floor.  For those of you who cannot attend NAB, check out Future Media Concepts.  Scan the NAB website.  You can find links to online assistance.
Social networking was a secondary objective.  Our company is considering how this might be valuable.  It's all about networking - building contacts and connections.
And while I was here, that need grew more dramatic as I was asked to seek connections with videographers/photographers and related services in China.  My company is doing a lot of business in China (and around the world) and we need video/photos showing what is happening.  I believe I found those connections here.  But wouldn't it have been nice if they were already part of my social network on line?  Our world is big.  But it is growing smaller through networking.

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