Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Be engaged!

I had a wonderful conversation today with a co-worker whom I have known more than a decade.  I know we fall on slightly different ends of the spectrum on issues.  He is working with an organization I'm sure I will write about in the future but not today.  What I admire in him and the work he is doing, though we may disagree, is that he is advocating that we all be engaged and EDUCATED.  He advocates involvement and setting aside political party affiliation to cut through to solutions of serious issues at hand.  Having known him a long time, I know he is educated, deeply driven and works toward responsible solutions.  He is strong and holds strong views but always he works toward understanding.
These are the people we need to know.  These are the people we need to talk with along the path toward solutions.  We need to share and acknowledge our deep respect despite any differences that emerge.  A new day has dawned.   I need to hear his voice.  He will hear mine.
I urge you to find these people in your life.  We will all be richer for the experience as we seek to be engaged.

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