Monday, April 20, 2009

Is underground unusual?

I've been saying for a time that my cameraman, Pete, is one of the most experienced underground videographers in the world.  Tonight I am at the National Association of Broadcaster's conference and went to an event with some of the most well known videographer's in the industry.  I was hoping for leads - a videographer/photographer in China willing to go underground - advice on lighting to use in such conditions.
I think I can safely say that I was the most experienced underground videographer in the entire mix of hot dog videographer's this evening.  I got some very disbelieving looks as I explained my networking needs.  I found no one who has even shot in a cave.  I found a sky diving videographer.    And I discovered that "underground videographer" has a rather unseemly definition.   I need to make a note of that one.
The next few days will be interesting and fun.  I need to follow up on a few leads of possible avenues to finding global assistance with our video needs.  And I will have fun telling people what it is we do and why.  I will be a bit more careful about asking if someone does "underground video" and careful about saying I do.

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